Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Susan and Mary Test

For an anonymous reader, this is Susan (with the star in her hair) and Mary (with the moon in her hair) Test.

Taken from the Johnny Test episode Deep Sea Johnny.

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Anonymous said...

Hey it's great to see some Susan and Mary Test stuff here as I'm a really big fan of them.

Here's a post I found a couple of years ago that pretty much describes my feelings about the Johnny Test cartoon:

"I've only seen a few episodes of this show, and it seems to me that the most unnecessary element to Johnny Test is Johnny himself. He's not at all interesting; just a generic 'tween' hero. It's his sisters who are the geniuses of the show-they invent all the stuff, Johnny's just a guinea pig (hence the title). I actually think the show would be better if Johnny weren't in it, and the show instead focused on Susan and Mary. Of course, their characters would have to be fleshed out a bit; they'd have to be seen doing more than just fawning over the boy next door. This Johnny-less Johnny Test would be about the twin prodigies and their insane inventions and occasionally encountering supervillains and extra-normal weirdos, sort of a cross between Dexter's Lab and The Venture Brothers."

I totally agree with that message! I'd love to see Susan and Mary get their own show which could be a g-rated parody show that is a cross between the Venture Bros. and Stroker & Hoop (I miss Stroker & Hoop so much). A pipe dream, yes but one can dream can't he?

Keep up the good work.