Friday, December 5, 2008

Sabrina Spellman & Chloe Flan

After much searching, I have finally found the episode where Sabrina and Chloe shrink out of their clothes. This is the first post where they are in their underwear. Why are they wearing boxers under those skinny jeans? Panties would be so much more practical...and sexy.

Taken from the Sabrina: the Animated Series episode Shrink to Fit.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! Great quality caps!
BTW, where did you get the video?

Cinderella Ariel said...

I found it on a DVD called Witch in Training.

Anonymous said...

Boxer shorts? Lame.

Anonymous said...

you know on that same dvd there's and episode called "the importance of being norma", in which some cheerleaders show off their panties (though only for about one second).