Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Harley Quinn

Harley is one sexy girl and this scene is one sexy scene!

Taken from the New Batman Adventures episode Mad Love.


Gillian-Y said...

Nice set of pics.

If you scroll down fast enough this set almost animates.

Manetoys said...

quite possibly the best scene in this whole season XD

Anonymous said...

Joker's physical problems have left him with erectile dysfunction, that's all. plus there's all the stress about worrying how to kill Batman, will Batman be around next week, what do I do if I actually KILL HIM, how can I scheme and plot, etc. Between the stress and falling into a vat of chemicals horribly scarring his face he can't get it up, the poor bastard, no wonder he rejects Harley and acts so angry!

Anonymous said...

I wanna see what's under that dress!